HD Sporstster 883 bobber | tracker

How did I get into this project? I’m at a point where I don’t look for bikes any more…I feel that bikes find me, and that was the case with this Sportster.  I went to have lunch and came back with a 1995 883 with 500 miles on it. Apparently, an old lady bought the bike, and she rode 500 miles, then parked it.

At the same time, my wife Naomi was asking me for a bike, and I thought it was perfect, but I can’t have a plain looking Harley sitting in my garage, so another project was born. A 883 bobber-tracker.

I removed both fenders, chopped the tail, added a solo seat, powder coated the engine covers, custom pipe, Avon tires, custom paint job with a stringer that resembles a surfboard since surfing is an important component in our family, after market levers and air cleaner ASSY. Forks, rotor and caliper were donated from a Buell because I wanted to make sure she can stop this bike. Gauges and indicators are gone; same as a dirt bike, plain and natural.

I’m very happy how the bike turned out which is now a keeper. I get a lot of comments about the bike, even from hardcore Harley riders.

On another note, wife is not sure if this is the bike that she was envisioning.

Check it her out at the bike shed 

The bike shed