Number Plate Backgrounds for your vintage motocross machine

Slight trimming may be required and we suggest to spray the  surface with soapy water. “use 5 or 10% max liquid dish soap mixed with water” any brand . That way the decal doesn’t stick in place immediately and you can reposition it if necessary. It makes it possible to squeegee out any wrinkles or bubbles. The soap and water dries in a few minutes and the decal is firmly affixed.

Made with 2mm flexible vinyl


Yamaha 1982 YZ 490 YZ490 YZ250 background plate

These were designed to be used with OEM and aftermarket number plates.

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Number plates YZ490 YZ250


Universal plastic oval number plate Black 280 x 230mm (10″ x  7″ 7/8)

Fits YZ125 1979 and many others

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YZ 125 Number plates 7 7:8 x 10