Custom Triumph Scrambler | For Sale

Year built:2014

This Triumph scrambler 900 EFI  2012 was passed from one of my clients in South America. He asked me to buy a Green matte Triumph Scrambler 900, and I found one with 900 miles that had an small accident.

I bought it and  kept it in my shop while he organized the export permits. Something happened during the process and he changed his mind and did not want her anymore, so I bought it back from him it with plans to sell it, but I couldn’t help taking her apart, and by the time I realized it, I didn’t have a bike anymore, I had a project.

My goal was to keep the interesting parts of the bike and play with the parts that I don’t really care too much for. Headlight, dash, controls, bar, shocks, pipe, fenders, foot pegs, and other parts were removed and replaced by trick aftermarket and customs parts.

I used a baja 1000 headlight to replace the plastic OEM bucket and a low profile British Customs speedo bracket for a clean look. I’m a dirt bike rider and I really don’t care much about gauges, less is more for me, but I had people interested in the bike from the start so I had to make it street friendly.  I built a dash out of aluminum to relocate the ignition key. My good friend Mark, ex Boieng engineer, helped me design the custom dash and the large skid plate inspired by the TT500, one of my favorite bikes.

A fat Protapper bar provides a dirt bike look and Joker control and DR gives a solid front end look.

The paint job was done by Perfection Auto  and we used a Porsche paint color with custom decals. I named her Enduro 900, creating a new breed.

Both rims were pwder coated satin black.  Lacing and truing the front Triumph wheel was not fun.

The OEM pipe was chopped and brushed, the heavy mufflers were removed and replaced by two light weight megaphones that bring the real scrambler sounds back to life. Also removing the air injection clean up under the tank and keep the pipes from turning into a rainbow.

The bike handles a lot better than the stock Scrambler  with the new riding position, seat, wide swivel foot pegs, Hagon shocks and  less weight.

I was very happy how the bike turned out.



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