Yamaha 1982 YZ490 J Euro model | race ready – SOLD

Yamaha 1982 YZ490 J 5 speed Canadian model

This YZ490 is the Euro model (‘Canadian’ in the U.S.). She had a previous attempt at restoration but was done very poorly, so I decided to go over the entire bike, do it right and find out why some people love it and some hate it.

This Euro YZ490 comes with 5 Speed vs the 4 speed U.S. model that everybody complains about, and the motor has the correct numbers for the year. For some reason the Canadian / European model was built differently.

I started taking the whole bike apart, and I mean the whole bike minus the crank case because I did not see a problem with the transmission.

  • The frame was powder coated, all the bolt, nuts and springs were zinc plated silver and yellow (period correct)
  • Engine: New gaskets, Jug honed, new Wiseco Piston and rings
  • Rear suspension was service, rebuilt, replaced worn parts and greased up
  • Front forks have new seals, fresh fluid and new boots.
  • Wheels are true and spokes are tight. Rims are in very good shape and have two new Dunlop tubes and tires.
  • New seat cover
  • New after market plastic
  • Tank was cleaned and new lines
  • All new cables ( Brake, clutch, throttle)
  • Brakes are at 90%
  • Carburetor was vapor blasted and re-jetted. YZ’s 490 are hard to jet but after trying pipes, jets and needles this YZ is ready. Starts right up with the choke and idles until you turn off.

Brand new Mikuni main jet, pilot, jet needle and float valve.

Brand new Mikuni main jet, pilot, jet needle and float valve.

Carb setting right now is : ( and woks well)

440 main

50 Pilot

2nd clip from the top on the needle.

  • Timing was checked and set to factory specs.
  • LOTS!! of Yamaha OEM parts ( seals, bolts, rubber pieces, etc) and another $600 on misc parts.
  • Pipe is a brand new Pro Form special order ( they don’t have in stock the 1982 pipe) with a DG silencer. The Pro Form pipe was leaking at the cylinder, so I cut the flange from the stock pipe and I welded it into the new pipe. Now there is no leak at all and fits perfect.
  • New chain and sprocket.
  • New clutch, springs, OEM kickstart spring and nut pin.
  • To complete this unique YZ, I bought on Ebay a Malcom Smith skid plate made for the YZ490 J only !! Very rare !
  • Tank and swing arm decals belongs to a 1983 model.

Pulls like a beast and will keep the front wheel off the ground as high as you want in 4th gear.

This YZ490 has been set up to ride on a track or a trail and can also be a garage queen.