Kawa 1976 KX400 | Sold

This 1976 KX400 is a two-stroke vintage monster with 42 + HP,great torque and sounds like a badass popcorn machine.

Fresh motor, good tires, good rims, powder coated frame, new cables.

I did not perform the restoration work on this bike. I only did some fine-tuning, replaced the CDI, changed the crank seals, repaired the kick start and zink plated some of the hardware.

The frame was powder coated gloss back. 

This KX has a fresh Mark Bliss piston; it’s the only way you can get one today. Probably less than 5hrs on it. 

Forks are in excellent shape, same as rear shocks and wheels.

Spokes show some sign of age, but they are in very good shape. Rims are in very good shape, and tires are like new.

New cables, grips and rubber parts.

This bike comes with an original shop manual and an original vintage Kawasaki motocross Jersey.

The tank has new good quality paint job on it but jut a few marks on the front edge. ( see pictures ) . The decal belongs to the 1975 model but they are very similar.

This is a great looking bike that can be used for show or ride. The perfect combination. Anything better than this will be a pure garage queen and after a while gets boring. 

Riding this bike is a great experience and will bring back memories and will put a smile on your face, even if you hate motorcycles. 

This is a rare bike. Kawasaki din’t build too many of these or not many got imported in US.