Honda Elsinore CR125 Rest. (1974)

The 1974 Honda CR125 was purchased out of Illinois.  We bought this bike because it was a 100% original Honda.  It also came with a heavy duty pipe guard.  We were hoping to find a nice undented exhaust underneath that guard.  The previous owner stated the bike ran good and was in good shape.  Unfortunately, everybody has their own interpretation of what constitutes “good”.  The bike started easily but did not want to rev and bogged easily.   This is usually a sign of a worn out top-end and after a quick teardown we found a very tired piston inside the cylinder.  The rest of the bike was all stock Honda with heavy corrosion on every metal surface including the forks.  Our bike had obviously spent many years stored in a damp barn.  The restoration included a complete engine rebuild, replacement forks that were found on Ebay, and all new fasteners.  The bodywork on the bike was actually in nice shape and we were able to restore the fenders and numberplates and keep the bike stock Honda.  The wheels featured rusty spokes, however the original tires meant the rims had very little scuffs from wayward tire irons.  We usually prefer to find bikes in better condition to start a restoration, however you have to be less picky on the ’74 model.  That bike had many parts that were not found on the ’75 and later year bikes and nice spares are difficult to locate.  Our bike had a decent original exhaust with the “pickle” silencer and the correct 2-position kill switch.  (These two items are really tough to find.)  In the end, we finished up with a very nice looking CR125 and it was a very satisfying to see the little tiddler restored back to it’s original glory.


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