Honda 1983 CR480R Racer | Sold

Supercross, Motocross, VMX, Honda Elsinore

Complete Restoration 11/2011

Honda CR480 for sale.  Price tag $3200

The bike was a low hr bike to start with and was then disassembled and professionally restored. The bike is been ridden aprox. 2hr after restoration.
This bike is the last of the open class air cooled 2 strokes with drum brakes. The CR480 1983 is very desirable for AHMRA Post-Vintage/EVO Class racing or it will make a beautiful trailer queen.
The bike is located in Vero Beach, Florida ( 2hrs from MIami). We can ship worldwide.

Bike Quality*: Racer/Trailer Queen

Restoration Work

  • Frame painted
  • Motor painted
  • Hardware : 90% new or replaced
  • After market, period-correct DG pipe and silencer
  • New clutch and break cables
  • New after market side covers
  • New rear fender
  • Restored OEM gas tank
  • OEM front fender
  • OEM number plate
  • New sprocket
  • New Levers
  • Bridgestone tires are 80%
  • Spokes are not rusty and plating still good
  • New fork boots and seals
  • New high quality decals
  • New UNI filter
  • New foam and seat cover
  • New grips
  • Carburetor was cleaned and tested
  • New Honda OEM kickstarter (very hard to find)
Areas that needs attention:
  • Front tire has some signs of dry rubber
  • Kick started seal is leaking a few drops a day while the bike it is parked

*Bike quality

It is one of the hardest jobs to convey the subjective condition of a vintage motorcycle through a computer. We restore and sell quality motorcycles in different stages and conditions. Keep in mind that Vintage motorcycles are very photogenic and will ALWAYS need attention and care.
If we list a motorcycles as “vintage”, the following is what you should expect:
Trailer Queen or Show Quality  = This is a top rating given to motorcycles that have gone through professional restorations have and have been very well kept or are in top original survivor condition.
Racer Quality = These are collector vehicles that are in good enough shape to be a proud owner and is in good running condition that can be use for racing. Racer Quality does not mean “ready to race”. Most motorcycles will need SOMETHING adjusted, tweaked, modified, replaced, repaired by YOU before you ride or race it.
Investment Quality = Mid top range for a vintage motorcycle that is worthy of collecting. Is solid and well kept through-out and has value in its originality and condition, which is expected to appreciate with time.
Project Quality = We very rarely offer projects and as the word implies these are motorcycles that need extended amounts of work and restoration.


We crate all bikes ourselves with custom boxes built to ensure proper fit and reduce shipping cost. We can ship the bike as is or part by part if necessary. Just let us know how you want it and we will quote accordingly (see packing and crating pictures).
Shipping costs and local taxes are the buyer’s responsibility.

We can help to optimize shipping cost with our freight forward vendors.

About us.

We collect, restore and  sell some of our bikes. VMX bikes is our passion but we also collect other vintage bikes and cars. Our shop and storage facility is located in Vero Beach, Florida. We started this as a passion 20 years ago and over the years turned it into a business. U.S. has a large inventory of vintage motorcycles, we are constantly looking for a barn finds, auctions and local sales.

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